Scientific Illustrator

Scientific illustration is a technical kind of illustration used in communication of life sciences. It is very useful to visually communicate  specific information about structures and details of animals, plants or other organisms, disseminate medical or anatomical knowledge. Likewise, it can be used for explaining biological functions and represent nature processes or structures that due to their scale or duration are difficult or impossible to perceive by humans.

It is characterized for its realistic style and elevated degree of detail. For the production of this illustrations is often needed a deep research or professional advice on the subject or matter to be depicted.


The example above shows a specimen of Pantodactylus schreibersii, or black lizard, and was produced as a personal project. This lizard was found in La Plata, Argentina, and depicted using a Cámara Lúcida for an exact representation of the structures and scales. The materials chosen for its production were pencil over an acrylic surface, which allowed to depict very precisely even the smallest details of the animal. The dimensions of the original are 500mm x 150 mm.