Visual Communication Design

In Drawing Science we are specialized in the design and production of visual media to be used on different spheres and for different type of audiences. Although the aesthetics of the media are important, we design our products focusing on their effectiveness as a communication tool more than on their appearance. These tools are made to inspire, motivate and make people react. This is how we work:

  1. Selecting the Information: In order to create an effective tool, is important to have a well defined objective and a target audience. According to them, we will work on filtering the information that we want to transmit and in simplifying the concepts that could be more difficult to understand by the selected audience.
  2. Shaping the contents: Once we have the necessary information, we will choose the most appropriate communication mean for your case  (a book, a poster, an application, or whatever you have already in mind) and we will begin to create the contents adapted to it. These contents can be just images or include text. At this stage, we will present you different ideas, sketches and/or storyboards, making the changes and adjustments that are necessary until we agree a project draft.
  3. Creating the final product: This is the last part of our work. Based on the project draft we have made together, we will work in the creation of the final images and design. The final product will be an attractive tool adapted to your necessities and, as far as possible, your personal preferences of style.

Our work may finish here and we will hand you the project in digital format ready to use in the way that better suits you. However, we may also help you contacting and working together with specialized professionals for its printing, applications development or publication through other digital resources.