Fernando Pinillos


Here is a bit of information about myself and about how I started this initiative called Drawing Science.

I am a very curious fellow interested in a big array of matters. However, my big passions are two: oceans and drawings.

I started working as a marine scientist in my early twenties. Without any doubt, an amazing world, but its technical language and methods make it difficult to access to many people.

This fact grabbed my attention straight away, and my interest in it grew faster than my interest in working as a researcher. Motivated by my passion in visual arts, I started to produce graphic materials for different environmental awareness projects. The objectives were different for each project, but the background was the same: motivate, generate a change in society. Connect.

This way, I started to realize about the positive impact that the different books, posters and images I had created had both on the public and on the projects they were created for. The drawings were not just drawings. They were tools, and they were doing a good job.

Motivated by this fact, I decided to focus on the social aspects of science and devote my time to extend its communication means through the production of graphic materials. After some training in illustration and visual communication, the acquisition of adequate computer software knowledge and a MSc in Marine Environmental Protection, Drawing Science was born.


The degrees that helped me getting here:

Marine Environmental Protection, MSc – Bangor University, UK (2010-2011).

Professional Illustration – Massana School of Arts and Design, Spain (2008).

Scientific Illustration – Universidade Autonoma de Lisboa, Portugal (2007).

Introduction to Scientific Illustration – La Plata University, Argentina (2006).

Licentiate Degree in Biology – University of Navarra, Spain (1991-1996).