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Dhyum le Dugong – French version for New Caledonia.

We are very happy with the trajectory that Dhyum the Dugong is having around the world. Recently, the Agence des Aires Marines Protégées, requested us to use this book for its Plan d’actions dugong 2015 in New Caledonia. After adapting some page´s content to fit New Caledonian framework, the book was ceded to this institution […]

Chú bò biển Dhyum

Dhyum the Dugong – Vietnamese version

Good news about the distribution of Dhyum the Dugong. The US Consulate in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, has translated this book into Vientamese language for its printing and distribution in this country. The translation has been done keeping the original text, so the book is displayed in bilingual. Its title, Chú bò biển Dhyum. […]